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Duties of the Officers
Section 1. The President shall: 1. Preside over the Chapter meetings. 2. Call and preside over the Executive Committee meetings. 3. Preside over the ceremonies for the initiation of new members. 4. Appoint all committees necessary for the functioning of the Chapter in a reasonable and proper manner, including the appointment of the committee on elections, committee on nominations, and auditing committee. 5. Administer the offices of the local Chapter in a manner which shall be a credit to the aims and objectives of Gamma Sigma Delta.

Section 2. The President-elect shall: 1. Assume the role of the President in the absence of the latter. 2. Assist the President in matters pertaining to the activities of the Society.

Section 3. The Secretary shall: 1. Maintain the proper contact with the National Officers, with the assistance of the President. 2. Draft and read the minutes of the Chapter meeting. 3. Draft and read the minutes of the Executive Committee meetings. 4. Maintain the roll of both active and inactive members of the Chapter. Transmit to the National Society the list of and initiation fees for the newly initiated members each year. 5. Carry out the duties required for correspondence connected with the operation of the Chapter. 6. Mail notices and transmit the agenda for all meetings, as prepared by the Executive Committee, to all active members. 7. Submit annual report and list of new officers to the International Secretary.

Section 4. The Treasurer shall: 1. Collect all dues and assessments from the members and initiates. 2. Have charge of all Chapter funds and disperse them as approved by the Chapter Executive Committee. 3. Keep a record of all funds collected and disbursed by the Chapter. 4. Prepare and read the report on the financial condition of the Chapter. 5. Submit the treasurer’s record to the duly appointed auditing committee. 6. Maintain the roll of active members.

Section 5. The Historian shall: 1. Maintain a file of the Chapter and Society records. 2. Prepare an annual report of the Chapter’s activities.


Section 1. Nomination and election to membership in the Society by this Chapter shall be done in the following manner: 1. The President shall appoint a Nominating Committee for membership composed of three or more members of the Chapter, plus the Executive Committee which shall act as ex-officio members. 2. The committee shall obtain academic records from the Office of the Dean to determine which students meet the eligibility requirements specified in the Chapter Constitution. A list of students meeting these minimum academic requirements and who were nominated by their major shall be made available for examination by members of Gamma Sigma Delta. 3. Nominations for membership shall be made to the Membership nominating Committee in writing. Special forms for nominations shall be furnished by the committee. Information covering the nominee’s qualifications, character, interests, etc., shall be included. 4. All nominations shall be in the hands of the Membership Nominating Committee on or before an announced deadline. The Nominating Committee shall evaluate the nominations and make recommendations at the Annual Meeting. 5. Election to membership shall proceed according to Article III, Section 6 of the Chapter Constitution. 6. Those elected to membership shall be notified in writing to that effect and they shall be instructed to indicate their acceptance of the invitation and to pay the required initiation fee. 7. New members of the Society elected to membership by the Chapter will be initiated at a meeting to be held shortly after the Annual Meeting. Initiation in absentia may be permitted at the discretion of the President.

Section 2. Officers of the Chapter shall be elected in the following manner: 1. The President shall appoint a committee to nominate candidates for the Offices of the Chapter. This committee will present two or more candidates for each office at the annual meeting and additional nominations shall be accepted from the floor. 2. Voting will be conducted by secret mail ballot sent to all current members. The balloting will be coordinated by the chairman of the nominating committee under procedure authorized by the executive committee and in accord with procedures to assure anonymity. 3. Officers shall be declared elected from a simple majority of the ballots received. Announcement and initiation of elected officers will be made at the annual awards banquet. ARTICLE III Awards Section 1. An award may be made to the outstanding senior student selected on the basis of upper division scholarship, leadership and service.

Section 2. A candidate for the International "Gamma Sigma Delta Award for Distinguished Service in Agriculture" may be selected according to the regulations of the International Society.

Section 3. Awards may be made annually to a senior faculty member and a junior faculty member who have made distinct contributions to agriculture through teaching, research, extension and/or administration. The recipient of the Junior Faculty Award shall have held a faculty position for no more than 12 years and shall be 45 years of age or younger on January 1 of the year the award is presented.

Section 4. Merit Awards may be made to those who have rendered signal service to agriculture in Florida. There are no educational requirements for this award. Up to five persons can be selected annually, but ordinarily no more than three should be given this award in any year.

Section 5. Nominations for the Junior and Senior Faculty awards, International Award for Distinguished Service to Agriculture or Distinguished Service to Agriculture Awards from the previous year shall be considered according to the following procedure: 1. The President shall give the Chair of the Faculty Awards Committee and of the Distinguished Service to Agriculture Awards Committee the respective nomination materials from the previous year. 2. The Chair shall ask each nominator, in his/her absence the appropriate person, whether he/she desires to update and resubmit the nomination, if the candidate is still eligible. If not, the materials will be returned to the nominator for disposition.


Section 1. The annual meeting shall be held during the Spring Semester at a time to be fixed by the Executive Committee. A written notice of the annual meeting shall be mailed to all active Chapter members at least ten days before the date of the meeting.


Section 1. The initiation fee shall be $2.00 above that required by the International Society.

Section 2. The annual membership dues and any provisions for payment of three (3) years of dues may be increased or decreased upon recommendation by the executive board by a three-fourths majority vote of those members present at any annual business meeting. Dues shall be come due and payable October 1 of each year and delinquent after December 1 of that year. When a member becomes two years in arrears in the payment of dues, he shall be notified to this effect and shall be dropped from the roll of active members unless dues for the current year and at least one year’s back dues are paid. New members shall be required to pay annual membership dues October 1, following their initiation.

Section 3. Special assessments may be levied by a three-fourths vote of those present at any business meeting.


Section 1. The By-Laws may be amended by a three-fourths affirmative vote cast at any business meeting, provided written notice of the proposed amendments has been circulated to the members no less than fifteen days before the meeting date.