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Gamma Sigma Delta - The Society

The broad objective of Gamma Sigma Delta is to encourage advancement and improvement in all branches of the agricultural sciences and agricultural industry. Specific objectives are to: (a) encourage high standards of scholarship and leadership in all branches of agricultural science and education; (b) encourage high quality achievement, professional ethics, and devotion to service of those entering into and working in all branches of agriculture; (c) render service that will benefit all branches of agriculture and (d) promote a better understanding of the agricultural sector by the general public.

Gamma Sigma Delta honors undergraduate and graduate students as well as faculty and alumni with membership. It annually recognizes distinguished achievement in agriculture by providing awards to students, faculty and administrators for accomplishments in research, teaching and extension. It attempts to cement together the broad array of disciplines in agriculture and the agricultural community in recognizing excellence. It also attempts to keep members of the research and extension staff and the agricultural community in contact with undergraduate students.

Since 1917, the Society has been strictly honorary in character. Elections to membership are conducted by the faculty members of the chapter. Juniors, seniors, graduate students, alumni, and faculty in agriculture, home economics, veterinary medicine, forestry, and areas of study related to these fields (at the University of Florida this includes the disciplines of fisheries and wildlife ecology and conservation).

At the option of the local chapter, juniors in the upper 5 percent of their class may be initiated. Senior students must be within the upper 15 percent of their class and must show promise of future leadership in some phase of agriculture or a related area. Graduate students of outstanding ability in the aforementioned areas, alumni and faculty who have, by virtue of outstanding achievement, demonstrated worthiness of the honor, are eligible for membership.


To be eligible faculty members must have demonstrated exceptional teaching, investigational ability, or service for a period of at least three years. Alumni demonstrating significant service in one or more of the aforementioned areas are eligible for election no sooner than five years after graduation. A singe honorary membership per chapter per year is reserved for a person who has furthered agriculture yet done not qualify for membership in any other category.

Membership is for life. An individual may affiliate with the nearest/most convenient chapter after graduating or changing positions. Additional information on Gamma Sigma Delta can be found at http://gammasigmadelta.org/